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We have produced saffron in Spain (Blancas, Teruel) for more than 50 years utilising decades of family tradition and expertise.

Located in one of the most privileged areas for saffron growing, all our processes lead to an end product that is internationally appreciated for its superior  quality.

We have preserved more than 50 years of cultivation history, enabling us to employ traditional production techniques and artisanal processes. This way we ensure that our products reach consumers in a perfect state of quality and conservation.

Due to the sensitive nature of Saffron we take great care in its production and storage, providing protection from environmental factors such as humidity and handling, thus guaranteeing its quality

Saffron, historically referred to in the past as the “Red Gold” is a highly appreciated and coveted spice obtained from the stigmas of the Crocus sativus flower.

Being the first organic saffron producers is our seal of identity

Featured products


Traditional saffron

Grown by local farmers in the traditional manner.

Ecological chocolate with saffron

Pairing saffron with 73% cocoa chocolate results in an unique product.

Saffron tablets

With acknowledged beneficial effects for health.

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